UCEPS Wave One

The survey “«Ukraine Crisis Elections Panel Survey: Pre-Election Wave, May 2014»” was carried out by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. The fieldwork took place between May 16 – May 24, 2014, N= 2010 and the response rate was 51%

The sampling developed for the study is representative for the adult population of Ukraine aged 18+. It is four-stage sample, random at each step of selection. The survey was carried out in 110 settlements (in 63 cities, 11 urban villages, and 36 villages) in all regions of Ukraine, excluding the autonomous Crimea Republic.

Sampling error (with probability 0.95 and design effect 1.5) does not exceed 3.3% for figures close to 50%, 2,8% – figures close to 25% and 75%, 2.0 % – figures close to 10% and 90%, 1,4% – figures close to 5% and 95%.

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