Articles & Working Papers

Published Articles and Briefs:

Hale, H., Shevel, O. & Onuch, O.(2018). “Political Belief Formation: Odesa Tragedy”. GeoPolitics.

Onuch, O., Hale, H. (2018). “Capturing Ethnicity: The Case of Ukraine.” Post-Soviet Affairs 34(2–3): 84–106.

Onuch, O., Hale, H. & Sasse, G. (2018). “Studying Identity in Ukraine.” Post-Soviet Affairs 34(2–3): 79–83. X.2018.1451241

Hale, H., Onuch, O. & Kravets, N. (2015). “Can Federalism Unite Ukraine in a Peace Deal?” PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 379. Ukrainian version available at


UCEPS Data in Newspaper Articles and Media:

With Tucker, J. (2018). “Ukrainians are getting less divided by language, not more. Here’s the research“. Washington Post. (June 8, 2018).

Onuch, O. (2014). “What have we learned in the year since Ukraine’s EuroMaidan?”. Washington Post. (November 26, 2014).

Hromadske TV: “We Want To Simplify Ukraine”: Olga Onuch on Language and Political Preferences in Ukraine.

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